Garden City Menu


Walnut & banana bread, coconut lemon curd 9

Toast with Butter and House Spreads: Grain sourdough, Turkish, Fruit  (agf)VO 6

Toast with Two Eggs – poached, scrambled, fried (agf) 12

Roasted field mushrooms & spinach (agf)VO 13

Punjabi smashed pumpkin, poached egg, raita, coriander, chilli (agf)VO 15 


Breakfast all day

Waffle, hokey pokey ice cream, forest berries & strawberries compote 14.5

Smashed avocado, feta, roast cumin, coriander, mint & tomato, olive oil, Turkish toast, lime (agf)VO 16

Crispy cauliflower & corn fritters, bacon,  cumin spiced avocado smash, house chutney (gf)VO 16.5

Benedict, slow poached eggs, hollandaise, Turkish toast, bbq pork/bacon/smoked salmon (agf) 19

Grilled halloumi, avocado, poached eggs, sourdough, pan potatoes & tomato (agf) 18

Bacon, soft eggs, sausages, pumpkin, mushrooms, tomato, sourdough, potatoes, house chutney (agf) 24

Trio of Benedict pulled pork, salmon, spinach & tomato, 3 poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, potatoes 22

Vegan omelette, mushrooms, capsicum, spinach, peas, potatoes, chipotle, cumin avocado smash(gf)V18 



Streaky bacon / mushrooms / halloumi 5

Avocado /2 hash browns /eggs /tomatoes/ sausages \spinach 4

Smoked Salmon 7

Hollandaise sauce / house chutney 2


Lunch 11am-4.30pm

Chicken & Avocado in Turkish sourdough, spinach, housemade relish, cheese, tomato w/fries (agf) 17

Lamb, Root vegetable, Pumpkin, & Onion Pie with balsamic crisp greens , house made chutney 15.5

Warm chicken, pumpkin, avocado, Spanish onion, crisp salad, herbs (gf) 18 

Wagyu Cheeseburger, pickles, cheese, griddled onions, egg, smoky BBQ sauce, fries (agf) 15

Paleo Lentil & Spinach soup (gf)V 9

add Turkish toast 3

Crispy battered market fish, fries, balsamic salad, lemon, lime & fennel tartar sauce 14.5

Cauliflower corn fritter Salad – golden fritters, crips green, avocado, house chutney (gf)V 16

add rosemary sea salt fries 4


Dinner 11am – late

Master stock Risotto, garlic prawns, roast wild mushrooms, dill, fennel (gf) 19.5

Chicken Mushroom fettuccini, creamy mushroom sauce 18

Chickpea patty Vegan Burger, mushroom, spinach, tomato, avocado, hash brown, onion relish(agf)(V)17

Kaffir lime seared Salmon, potato & herb salad, béarnaise sauce (gf) 23

Saffron Chicken breast, crispy bacon, hollandaise sauce, potatoes, brussel sprouts saag (gf) 19.5

Barramundi and Cauliflower Corn Fritters with Tomato Salsa (gf) 25

Wild Mushroom Chicken breast, creamy sauce, herbed baby potatoes (gf) 25

Black Pepper seared Black Angus beef, smashed pumpkin, béarnaise sauce (gf) 28



Fries with lime garlic aioli (agf)VO 9

Crisp green Leaf salad,  olive oil balsamic dressing (gf)V 7

Crispy cauliflower & corn fritters w/ house chutney (gf)V 9

Smashed Punjabi Pumpkin dip w/ turkish soldiers (agf)VO 12

Basil Pesto Bruschetta w/tomato, onion & coriander salsa, balsamic reduction (agf)VO 12

Turkish chilli garlic herb bread 5



Toasted walnut banana slice, lemon coconut citrus curd 9

Warm Apple Rhubarb crumble, vanilla ice cream 9

Orange almond cake w. cream and almond sprinkles (gf) 7


Kids Meals 12yrs & under

-Chicken nuggets, chips, ketchup

-Poached eggs, buttered toast

-Kids veggie fritters, salad, ketchup 

-Waffle, ice cream, maple syrup

-Cheese & tomato toastie w/ hash browns, ketchup 10






Sorry no swapsies! Public holiday surcharge 15%.

One bill per table.

Sides do NOT constitute a meal