Garden City Menu

Breakfast All day. Everyday.


Grilled Banana Walnut Bread W.Lemon Curd 7.5


Poached Or Scrambled Eggs 12 Agf

w. chipotle chutney, sourdough toast (add crispy bacon – 5)


Smash Avocado On Tuscan Toast W.Feta 16 Agf Vo

olive oil, balsamic reduction, cumin, za’taar spices, salsa
(add poached eggs 4)


Warm Coconut Rice W. Raspberry Preserve 15 V

Berries, Seeds, Chia, Almonds – Vegan & Diary Free.


Eggs Bhurji W. Flat Bread Roti 16.5 Agf

Green chilli & capsicum spicy scrambled eggs, flat bread roti, raita


Crispy Zucchini & Corn Fritters 16.5 Gf Vo

crispy bacon, avocado smash, chipotle salsa


Hummus Kawarma w. pomegranates 17 agf

freshly made hummus topped w. spiced lamb mince, flatbread, olive oil


Eggs Bennie W. Virgin Mary Hollandaise Agf

w. bbq pulled pork OR crispy bacon OR spinach & mushroom 18 w. smoked salmon 19


Grilled Haloumi W Avocado 18 Agf

poached eggs, spinach, sourdough, truss tomato, pan potatoes


Vegan Mixed Grill 22 gf -V

local chargrilled veggies, spinach, chilli pesto, balsamic glaze, toast, olive oil


Perks Mixed Grill 22 Agf

Streaky Bacon, Haloumi, Mushroom, Potato & Cheddar Croquette, Poached Eggs, Sour Dough, Tomato, Fresh Spinach, Chipotle Chutney


Light Plates from 11.30am


BLAST TOASTED SANDWICH 17 – AGF crispy bacon, lettuce, avocado, spinach, tomato, bbq aioli, w.fries

GRILLED CHICKEN AVOCADO TURKISH SANDWICH w. FRIES 18 chicken breast, avocado, spinach, tomato, aioli

WARM CHICKEN< ROASR PUMPKIN & AVOCADO SALAD $19 AGF w. Crisp Greens, Balsamic Dressing, Herbed grilled Chicken


Main Plates from 11.30am


Rosemary Chicken & fettuccini pasta 17

Chicken & fettuccini in a champagne mushroom sauce


Steak N Bacon Burger W.Popcorn Cauliflower 19

Grilled Medium Angus Steak, Cheese, Bbq Sauce


British Chicken Tikka Masala 19 gf

Cooked traditional British recipe w. rice & papadum


Wild Mushrooms Chicken Breast 21 gf

mushroom sauce, pan herb potatoes, pea sprouts


Charred Barramundi w. Crispy Zucchini Corn Fritters 24 gf

avocado smash, tomato salsa, lime zest herb butter


Black Angus Rump W. Wild Mushrooms 25 gf

pan herb potatoes, wild mushroom sauce, spinach




Hollandaise sauce | chipotle chutney $2

2 hash browns | eggs | vine tomatoes | flatbread (roti) $4

Sautéed Mushrooms | Haloumi | Avocado | 2 rasher streaky bacon | Sourdough $5

Smoked Salmon | 2 potato & cheddar croquettes $7


Snacks, Sides & Entrees


Garlic toasted tuscan bread – 4 – agf

2 Potato & Cheddar croquettes w. tomato chipotle – 7

Sea salt & rosemary fries w garlic aioli – 8

Zucchini corn fritters – 9 – gf- vo

Popcorn cauliflower 8 – gf – V

Tuscan bread w.dips 10 – agf -vo (avocado smash, tomato chipotle, chilli pesto)

Lemon Pepper Calamari 10

Bruschetta w.pesto, red tomato salsa, balsamic education, olive oil 12

Hummus Kawarma w. pomegranates 17 agf
freshly made hummus topped w. spiced lamb mince, flatbread, olive oil (perfect for 2-4 people to share) (extra flatbread (roti) $4)




Warm Chocolate caramel fudge brownie w. ice cream 10 gf

Lemon meringue curd with cream 7

Apple rhubarb crumble cream 10




Sorry no swapsies! Public holiday surcharge 15%. One bill per table. Sides do NOT constitute a meal.